Maykop state technological university

Maykop state technological university was founded on the basis of three colleges on Dec 13, 1993 by initiative of its first rector A.K. Thakushinov, who was later elected and until now is the Head of the Republic of Adygeya.

In 1994 MSTU was licensed for 10 educational programs of higher education and 12 programs of secondary professional education and the same year first students were enrolled.

Since 2003 MSTU has been included in the official list of educational institutions of the Russian Federation, engaged in pre-University training of foreign citizens. In 2004 Medical Institute was founded within the university structure. For 10 years Maykop state technological university has passed a way from the Institute to the fast developing University.

Over the past years MSTU has turned into a major educational and research centre of Federal level, multi-level and diversified educational complex which firmly has taken its worthy place in the Russian educational space. Today it unites more than 11.5 thousand of students, postgraduates, doctoral students, professors and staff.Educational process is provided by highly qualified specialists, including 70 doctors of science and 360 candidates of Sciences. Over 150 educational programs of higher, secondary and primary professional, postgraduate and additional professional education are licensed in the MSTU today.The MSTU is the only institution in the Republic of Adygea who trains experts in the field of construction, geodesy and land management, vehicles, forest business and landscape architecture, agriculture, mining, technology of food products, nature arrangement and environment protection, health care.

As a modern university the MSTU is also a scientific center in which scientific researches are conducted by both teachers and students. Basic and applied scientific researches  are carried out within 12 branches of science, including technical science, biological, chemical, agricultural sciences, geoecology, forestry, sociological, philosophical, economic sciences and etc. Two university magazines – "New technologies" and "The Maikop state technological university Bulletin" were included in the Supreme Examination Board List. Annually different international and all-Russian scientific and practical conferences are  held at the university where about 53% of  full-time students take part and win.

MSTU has owned modern educational laboratories, allowing to provide educational process as well as scientific researches.  There are over 70 laboratories and computer classes today in the university, technology park, 4 scientific and educational centers, 7 research laboratories.

International cooperation is a vital and most actively developing branch of the university’s activity today. MSTU is the member of the International Integration Program, UNESCO International Association of Universities, the International Association for Automotive and Road Engineering Education. Its geography is vast and covers many countries such  as Germany, France, Chad, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Since 2003 about 455 foreign students fulfilled pre-university training course and about 215 completed their education in MSTU of the following programs: "Finance", "Public relations", "Public and municipal administration", "Industrial and civil engineering", "Economy and management of the transport enterprise", "General medicine". In 2009 and 2011 two postgraduates from Libya and Afghanistan successfully defended their dissertations.

 There are students from about 27 countries of Africa,  Middle East, Central Asia and the CIS studying at the university today. Most numerous are national groups from Chad, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia.

Leisure and outclass activities include different creative groups, clubs, studios where students can express their creativity and enjoy outclass time taking part in bright cultural events and festivals like "Light your star", “First snow”, vocal performances, and others. And then cover these events in the university published newspapers "Technologist" and "Record book".

Much attention is paid to the development of student's sports and healthy lifestyle. Students are engaged in sports sections of volleyball, football, track and field athletics, basketball, tennis, sports orienteering. There are 3 International, Sport-Masters, 19 Masters of Sport, 30 nominees etc., and even  world champions  in unarmed self-defense, judo, ushu, power lifting, as well as Highest League "Dynamo MGTU" basketball and volleyball teams and Southern Federal District champion - MSTU sports orienteering  team.

Graduates of Maikop state technological university successfully work at the industrial and agricultural enterprises, in the economic, health services and management sectors.

In 2004 the Maikop state technological university was awarded the highest award of the Republic of Adygea – the medal "Slava Adygei" for special merits in training highly qualified specialists and scientific shots, a significant contribution to the development of the higher technical education in Adygea. In 2008-2010 it is included in the Federal Register Book "All-Russian Book of Honour".


MSTU is a modern university and a research center where researches are conducted by both teachers and students. Fundamental and applied researches in the university are carried out in 12 branches of Sciences.

Main scientific schools of Maykop state technological university

-                     Chemical school

-                    Economical school

-                    Biological school

-                    Philosophical school

-                    Technical School

-                    Pedagogical school

-                    Agricultural school

-                    Medical school

-                    Forestry school

-                    Sociological school

-                    Historical school

-                    Philological school


The University publishes two magazines, "New technologies" and "Bulletin of the Maykop state technological University", included in the Supreme Examination Board List. International and all-Russian scientific-practical conferences are held annually.



1.        Sustainable development of mountain areas of the Republic of Adygeya

Akatov V.V. PhD, Prof. Department of Ecology and Environment protection

2.        Historical, ethnological, religious, language and literature aspects of folk’s development in the Northern Caucasus

Kudayeva S.G. PhD, Prof. Department of state history and law Applied History

3.        Research of fatigue and corrosion resistance and definition of steel fracture strength in machine construction

Khutyz A.M. PhD. Department of building and applied mechanics

4.        Study of form diversity of nuts, berries and medicinal herbs and recovering valuable gene pool for practical use in the selection in the Northwest Caucasus.

Bzhetseva N.R. PhD. Department of Applied Natural Sciences Agriculture & Forestry

5.        Development planning techniques of biological and mineral resources in the North Caucasus used to attract rural economy

Yarmots A.V. PhD, Prof. Department of Applied Agrochemicals

6.        Improvement of socio-economic management in the region.

Zarubin V.I. PhD, Prof. Department of Management and Applied Economic

7.        Communicative competence as a component of vocational competence of the expert.

Ivanova O.V. PhD. Department of Service, tourism and public relations

8.        Verbal learning code system of foreign students and their adaptation in a foreign socio-cultural environment.

Autleva F.A. PhD. Department of Russian as foreign language

9.        Mobilization and study of the most valuable species of crop varieties in the conditions of mountain areas of the Adygeya Republic

Bandurko I.A. PhD, Prof. Department of Applied Agronomy

10.    Optimization of a healthy lifestyle as an integrated approach to improving the quality of life and health of the people in the Republic of Adygheya

Dautov Yu. Yu. MD, Prof. Department of Applied Medicine

11.    Systematic study of the social-economic systems of the Republic of Adygeya

Bedanokov M.K. PhD,Prof. Department of Higher mathematics and Analysis system

12.    Problems of teaching foreign languages tonon-philological students

Shadzhe Z.M. PhD. Department of foreign languages

13.    Conceptual methodological aspects of information security

Chefranov S.G. PhD. Prof. Department of Applied Informatics

14.    Development of low-waste technologies of garbage processing in the Republic of Adygeya

Chich S.K. PhD. Department of Ecology and environment protection

15.    Innovative development of investment strategy of the Republic of Adygeya and Krasnodar region provided by modernized economy

Shcherbatova T.A. PhD. Department of  Finance and Credit

16.    Use of indicators of heavy metals in soils and plants for land management projects study

Tlehas Z.R. PhD. Department of Land management

17.    Development and implementation of advanced methods of maintenance and car repair

Meretukov M.A. PhD. Department of Service and transport technological machines and equipment

18.    Improving of the organization and transport management in the region

Guketlev Yu. Kh. PhD, Prof. Department of organization and transport processes management

19.    Improvement of management system of social-economic development in the Republic of Adygeya provided by the economy modernization

Tkhakushinov E.K. PhD., Prof. Department of economic theory and the global economy

20.    Improvement of technological methods of agricultural raw materials production processing

Siyuhov H.R. PhD. Department of Technology, machinery and food equipment production

21.    Investigation of the antioxidant properties of pectin and development of the technology

Khatko Z.N. PhD. Department of production technology and applied nutrition industry

22.    Increasing investment attractiveness of tourist and recreational complex (TRC) on the markets of the Republic of Adygeya

Bogomolova E.S. PhD., Prof. Department of Economics and enterprise management

23.    Study of heat and mass exchange processes in order to create innovative technologies of processing agricultural raw materials and food production

Skhalyahov A.A. PhD., Prof. Department of technology, machinery and food equipment productions

24.    Investigation of fuel additives and their influence to ecology and affordability

Guketlev Yu.Kh. PhD, Prof. Department of organization and transport processes management




A comfortable hostel in a 5-storey building is located in the centre of Maykop – capital of the Republic of Adygea, picturesque and hospitable region of the Caucasus. Art galleries, museums, theatres, libraries, trade centers, markets are in the walking distance.



Beautiful nature of our region provides unforgettable impressions for those who enjoy their free time in mountains, doing hiking, white-water rafting, rock climbing and horseback riding. Picnics and different parties are perfect opportunities for the students to make friends.

The students, interested in different kinds of art, can visit exhibitions, concerts, different performances, which are the integral part of cultural life of the city.

The University has created favorable conditions for leisure activities, meeting their needs for creative, cultural and moral development, Leisure and outclass activities include different creative groups, clubs, studios, hobby groups where students can express their creativity such as: vocal, folk dance and technical creativity groups; chess club; intellectual club "What? Where? When?"; model Agency "КStar". The University is proud of its dance group "Golden dagger". Students can enjoy outclass time taking part in bright cultural events and festivals like Festival of national cultures "We are the one", "Student spring", "Miss University", "Day of knowledge" and others are held during the year.And then coverthese events are covered in the university published newspapers "Technologist" and "Record book".



Great attention is paid to the development of student sport and introducing the students to a healthy lifestyle. Students are engaged in the sports of volleyball, football, athletics, basketball, table tennis, orienteering. The University provides modern well-equipped gyms and playgrounds.

Currently, the University has 3 international Masters of sports, 19 Masters of sport, 30 candidates for the Master of sports. There are World Champions in Sambo, Wushu, Judo, Powerlifting, Eurasia, Europe and all Russia Champions. Basketball team "Dinamo-MSTU” represents the University in the Premier League and won the bronze medal of the championship of Russia 2013/



Maykop State Technological University is known by its rich training base and high academic level. Our teachers are highly qualified, skilled professionals using diversified pedagogical methods of training to make the process of study effective and creative.

Faculty of the international education offers effective programmes of teaching Russian for those who are willing to master their Russian for business, career and education. We offer three levels of competence in Russian as a foreign language: from Wastage up to Competent User levels.

The academic year lasts 10 months.



Maykop State Technological University organizes training on 27 bachelor’s programs and 4 specialties of higher education at the following faculties:

·      Faculty of Technology;

·      Faculty of Ecology;

·      Faculty of Medical Sciences

·      Faculty of Pharmacy

·      Engineering-Economic Faculty;

·      Financial-Economic Faculty;

·      Faculty of New Social Technologies;

·      Faculty of Management;

·      Faculty of Agrarian Technologies;

·      Faculty of the international education;

·      Faculty of Information Systems in Economics and Jurisprudence


Post-graduate education is carried out in:

05.06.01 - Earth Science (Ecology, Geoecology)

06.06.01 - Biological Sciences (Botany, Biological Resources)

09.06.01 - Computer Science and Engineering (Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Complexes)

15.06.01 - Mechanical Engineering (Engineering, Drive Systems and Machine Parts)

19.06.01 - Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology (Technology of Processing, Storage and Processing of grain, Legumes, Cereal Products, Fruits and Vegetables and Viticulture; Processes and Devices of Food Production)

35.06.01 - Agriculture Agrophysics; Selection and Seed Production of Agricultural Plants)

35.06. 02 - Forestry (Forest crops, Selection, Seed Production)

38.06.01 - Economics (Economic Theory; Economics and National Economy Management; Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics)

39.06.01 - Sociology (theory, methodology and history of Sociology; Sociology of Culture)

44.06.01 - Education and Pedagogical Science (theory and methodology of training and education; theory and methodology of professional education)

46.06.01 - History and Archaeology (National History)

47.06.01 - Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies (social philosophy; religious studies, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture)


Internship and residency:University trains physicians of the highest qualification: Obstetrics and Gynecology; Infectious Diseases; Neurology; Pediatrics; Emergency Medicine; Therapy; Surgery; Management and Economy of Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical Technology.

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Faculty of Technology

 The Faculty of Technology was found in 1994. It consists of 3 departments with more than 100 highly qualified staff. The Dean is Skhalyakho Anzaur Adamovich, doctor of technical sciences, assistant professor. The author of more than 100 scientific articles, including 6 patents.

Students in following specialties are trained at the Faculty:

·         260601.65 Machines and Equipment in Food Industry;

·         260204.65 Technology of Fermentation Productionand Winemaking;

·         080401.65 Commodity and Goods Examination;

·         080115.65 Customs;

·         270105.65 Municipal Construction and Husbandry (Economy);

·         270102.65 Industrial and Civil Engineering.

Address: Maykop, Pervomayskaya St, 191

Telephone number: 8(8772) 57-04-12










Faculty of Management 

The Faculty of Management was founded on the 28th of May.  The  Dean is  Zarubin Vladimir Ivanovich, The doctor of Economics, professor. There are bachelor and master programs in two specializations: ‘State and Municipal Management’  and ‘Management’.   

The Faculty has its own symbols, hymn, badge and emblem  There are 3 departments and scientific and research laboratory composing the Faculty:

- Department of Management and Regional Economics

- Department of Constitutional Construction and State and Municipal Management

- Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Pedagogic

- Science and Research Laboratory “Regional Economics Development Problems”

Contact info: address:  Maykop, Zhukovskogo St, 30.



Telephone: 8 (8772) 5 –18- 28






Faculty of Ecology

The Faculty of Ecology was founded in 1994. The Dean is Sukhorukih Uriy Ivanovich, Candidate of Agriculture, professor. 

Now there are  5 specialist programs :


Garden and park and  landscape construction; 

Garment Technology,

 Fire Safety, 

Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources ;

and 4 bachelor programs:


Landscape Architecture,

Light Industry Technology,

Technosphere Safety.

The Faculty cooperates in engineering biology area with University of Agricultural Science of Vienna (Austria), Hannover University( Germany), University of Technology  of Erfurg (Germany).

Address:  Maykop, Pervomayskaya St, 191

Thelephone:  8 (8772) 52-55-02








 Faculty of Engineering and Economics


The Faculty of Engineering and Economics was founded in 1996. It units 4 departments:

- Higher Mathematics and Systems Analysis,

- Economics and Management of Enterprises,

- Service of Transport and Technological Machines and Equipment

- Organization and Management of Transport Business,

The Dean is Bedanokov Murat Kaplanovich, Doctor of Economics, professor.


address :Maykop, Pervomayskaya St, 191

telephone:  8 (8772) 57-02-24

e-mail :











 Faculty of Agricultural Technologies


The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is founded in 1996.  The Dean is Shhkapazev Aslan Kaplanovich, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

There are 4 departments composing the faculty:

- Department of Technology of Agricultural Goods Production,

- Department of Planning, 

- Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Organization  

- Department of Chemistry, Physics and Physics and Chemistry Research.

Address:  Maykop, Pervomayskaya St. 210

telephone number: 8 (8772) 52-30-64
















Faculty of Information Systems in Economics and Law     


The Faculty was founded on the 29th of august 2005. The Dean is Dorgushaova Asiyat Kaplanovna, Candidate of Economics, associate professor. There are 4 departments composing the faculty:

- Information Security and Applied Informatics,

 - History of State and Law,

- Administration and Criminal Law,

- Civil Law and Process.

address : Maykop, Pushkina Street, 177

telephone :  8 (8772)52-33-17





















Medical Institute

Medical Institute consists of two faculties: Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Medicine as a part of Medical Institution was opened in 2004. The Dean is Namitokov Khazret Aslanovich, candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor.

The Faculty trains medical staff in specialty 060101 Medicine.

The Faculty consists of 4 departments:

- Department of Therapy;

- Department of Basic Surgery 1 and of postgraduate education;

- Department of Basic Surgery 2;

- Department of Morphology.


There are 600 students enrolled to the faculty, including foreign students from – Republic of Chad, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ghana, Yemen, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Nepal, Tajikistan and other countries.


 address : Maykop, Komsomolskaya St. 222

 telephone:  8 (8772) 52-90-44



Faculty of Pharmacy


The Faculty of Pharmacy was opened the in 2004 as a part of Medical Institution. The Dean is Kartashov Vladimir Antonovich, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor.

The Faculty trains specialists with high pharmaceutical education (pharmacists). Education is full time – 5 years and part time -5,5 years.


 address : Maykop, Komsomolskaya St. 222

 telephone:  8 (8772) 52-19-94


















Faculty of Economics and Services

The Faculty of Economics and Services was founded in 1996.  The Dean is Eshugova Svetlana Kadirbechevna, candidate of economics, associate professor. 

There are three specializations at the faculty:

 - Economics;

 - AdvertisementandPublicRelations;

 - Tourism and Service.

 address : Maykop, Pushkina St.177

 telephone: 8 (8772) 57-12-18




















 address : Maykop, Vostochnaya St. 260

telephone – 8 (8772) 54-01-90

PolytechnicCollege is a subdivision of Maykop State Technological University. It was found in 1994.

Since 2013and up to now the Head of Polytechnic College of MSTU is Khutiz Zaurbech Aslanbechevich, the Doctor of Economics, professor

 Motor Department

The Head is Udichak Makhmud Alievich.

Department of Agricultur

The Head is Shumakhova Marietta Alievna

The department consists of three specialties:

- 43.02.10 Tourisms;

- 35.02.07 Engineering in Agriculture;

- 36.02.01 Veterinary Sciences.

Department of Social Economics

The Head of the department Maystrevskaya Tamara Vasielyevna. It consists of 4 specialties:

- 38.02.01 Economics and Accounting (in industry);

- 38.02.02 Insurance (in industry);

- 38.02.05 Commodity and Expertise of Consumer Goods Quality;

- 40.02.01 Law and Social Security Organization.

Department of Construction

The Head is Kozirev Sergey Mikhaylovich.

It consists of 3 specialties:

- 35.02.03 Technology of Woodworking;

- 08.02.01 Construction and Running of Building and Structure;


- 08.02.09 Installation and Setting and Running of Industry and Civil Constructions Electrics.